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Tune in now to the Pop Health Podcast all about empowering CBOs with data 

Transforming Community Partners and Care Delivery  Through Advanced Technology

IMPOWR stands at the forefront of digital transformation solutions, offering health networks and community partners a single, unified, data-driven technology platform. IMPOWR streamlines operations, delivers essential insights, and unlocks the capacity to serve the at-risk and vulnerable with enhanced effectiveness, productivity, and affordability.


Empowering Connected Networks for Health Equity

Whether you're a payor, provider, or Government agency, health equity is achieved when working with SDoH specialists and CBOs. Seamless connections and collaboration within your community are crucial. Meeting health equity standards is also becoming increasingly important, necessitating a streamlined, coordinated care delivery system—IMPOWR is the solution.

Comprehensive "Whole Person" Coordination & Care

Actionable Insights for Network Performance 

Secure and Compliant Data Access and Sharing 

Are you a leader grappling with a fragmented view of your organization? Without a unified system of record, this pervasive issue hampers the effective utilization of staff and resources, ultimately affecting billing & cost-efficiency, team morale, responsiveness, and overall quality.

Unifying Your Organization for Optimal Efficiency and Quality


Unified Enterprise Solution

Efficient Service Tracking and Billing 

Seamless Compliance & Auditing 

IMPOWR is helping transform care delivery for:

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