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Referral Networks

Referral Networks

Referrals are only meaningful when they lead to impactful action.

Sending them, receiving them, counting them is something that we all do, and having high numbers may look good on paper and in annual reports - but they only make a difference when the referral went to the right place at the right time, and led to tangible action that produced a measurable, positive impact.

imPowr's ability to manage the entire referral process in an integrated way, from inception all the way through to measurable impact, is what separates imPowr from the pack of commercial passive referral management providers, that "send and hope".


Referral Sending & Receiving  imPowr's flexible architecture of portals, communication tools, dashboards and alert systems makes sending and receiving referrals, with any level of detail, quick and easy to do.

Intelligent Opportunity Exploration imPowr's built in "exploration" and opportunity matching tools provide the ability to automatically scan programs, peers, and other engagement opportunities (both within your agency and outside) to provide a list of optimized suggestions to the case manager, directly at the point-of-care.

Automated Follow-up Referrals have a life cycle of initiation through closure and imPowr has the tools to track that life cycle and notify you of progress at whatever level of detail you want and every step of the way.

Partnership Opportunity Analytics Certain partners are referred to more frequently or for different reasons than others. imPowr analytics can help you identify the referral partners that ought to be business partners.

Comprehensive Reporting imPowr's built in library of reports is growing all the time and can provide referral reports based on not only referral content, but all the many aspects of person, program, and community that are tracked within imPowr.

Client Goal Traceability The goal of Referrals don't live in a vacuum, but rather are a tactic used by a care and business strategy to achieve goal. imPowr applies techniques of quality validation in a unique way to build traceability of referral to goals.

Auditing Tools Any time referrals flow, there is risk of misuse or appropriation. imPowr's audit tools can be used as a weapon for assessing business and ethical risks, auditing quality, and assuring that referrals are being managed properly.

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