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Behavioral Health

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Behavioral Health

With imPowr, organizations can easily track and coordinate care so that they can have the greatest impact on those they serve. Behavioral health describes the connection between the health and well-being of the body and the mind. This can include mental health, addiction, and eating habits.

Organizations can avoid under-reporting with configurable dashboards and use the appropriate data analytics to make informed programmatic and financial decisions.

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360° Client View

Having a holistic view of clients removes duplicated efforts and fragmented client insights, giving opportunities to provide optimal service through outcomes collection.

Dashboards & Analytics

Gain important insights about the behavioral health populations you serve by creating custom dashboards that show information on housing status, diagnoses, ethnicity, hospitalizations, social determinants of health, and much more.

Regulatory Compliance

imPowr provides the necessary tracking that can help you comply with regulatory requirements to ensure the individuals receive the proper levels of services and care.  

Network Collaboration

Easily connect with peer organizations to further enhance your care coordination and referrals, share knowledge and best practices, and work together on grant acquisition.

Support Group Coordination

imPowr group management tools help you coordinate support groups for clients and specialized groups for family members that need it.

Family Support & Advocacy

imPowr's family management, educational and communication tools can help your agency engage with, educate, and coach family members on how to best care for their loved one and support them through the recovery process.

Learn more about what the imPowr platform can do for you.

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