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imPowr's Board and governances tools can help you reduce the paperwork, speed up meetings, and provide Board members with the tools they need to be more engaged, more informed, and make better decisions. Secure, easy-to-use portals make this capability accessible to Board members at all levels of computer literacy.

Board Member Portal The imPowr Board portal enables members to connect with fellow members, access documents and meeting schedules, notes and reminders.

Meeting Schedules Built in meeting scheduling tools can help you plan general meetings, committee meetings, and special meetings, with content, agendas and invited guests.

Member Profiles Each Board member can create a public profile and can access private details on their own private screen that shows participation history, donation history and more.

Document Management Documents can be uploaded, organized and made available to Board members at the general Board, committee, or special meeting levels. imPowr can track who read what documents and when.


Governance Checklists and Organization Charts imPowr provides user  configurable tools for documenting governance goals and activities and organizational structure to help you document and manage activities required by regulation and policy.


Attestation and Consent Tracking Whether it is an attestation of no conflict of interest, or other Board required statement, imPowr can help you implement those requirements in a self-service manner right through the portal.

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