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A business meeting

Business Partners


Launch-NY has provided seed funding and expertise and encouragement through their Entrepreneur-in-Residence program. We are grateful for their continued support and professional guidance as they seek to build an energetic and innovative business environment in Western new York.


The Ain Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Rochester has provided us with access to academic resources and has been a cheerleader for the work we are doing. We look forward to a continued constructive and enjoyable relationship.


The Rochester Data Consortium is an affiliate of the University of Rochester and a Continual Care Solutions partner.


StartFast works directly with founders to help build repeatable scalable business models, raise large amount of funding at higher valuations, and grow teams to accelerate growth.


Microsoft Azure and multiple MS tools serve as our development & deployment platform. The serve as a technology provider and support team.


Spektra is a Microsoft Partner with expertise in the Azure Platform and its many resources. They provide us with technical consulting services.

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