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Family and Child Services

imPowr Family and Child Services

When a child has health, developmental, or behavioral challenge, the family of that child takes on multiple responsibilities that can be physical, mentally, and financially stressful. Fortunately there are agencies that can help support families through these challenges.

imPowr is designed to support the agencies that deliver services to children and families through smart, comprehensive, and powerful family management tools.

Client Family Management  imPowr can manage any type of family relationships, whether traditional or not:


  • Traditional, extended, and single family households

  • LGBTQ family structures

  • Mixed-race and mixed ethnicity families

  • Multigenerational families

  • Foster, blended, and adopted families

Mentors & Advocates In addition to formal family structures, imPowr provides means to track an extended support system that may include: pastors or ministers, coaches, friends and other advocates.

Education System Engagement imPowr streamlines and enhances communication between case managers family members and educators, making staying in touch and sharing information a snap.

Assessments, Grades and Progress Reports and other Educational Outcomes With imPowr you can track grades, create and share family and student assessments and start to build the story of the student's journey from challenged to successful.


Sample School Counselor Portal

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