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Creative Working

Collaborative and Affiliate Networks

imPowr Collaborative and Affiliate Networks

Working with other organizations through imPowr collaborative networks partnerships can provide:

  • Access to additional resources or lower costs through sharing of resources

  • Improved service coordination with less duplication

  • Greater innovation and flexibility

  • Access to new ideas and strategic thinking

  • Reimbursement negotiation, grant acquisition and lobbying strength

Over time, the combined benefits of collaboration helps build strong, safe, healthy and sustainable organizations. Below are some of the ways we can achieve those benefits.

Sharing of Documents & Best Practices  imPowr's configurable engagement tools allow you to share information in a secure and controlled way

Self-service "marketplace" for sharing dashboard, reports, and assessments imPowr's marketplace provide a means for you to share value-added templates and updates with community partners for the benefit of all. 

Affinity Groups, Centers of Excellence Connect people with similar skills to interests to build expertise and share "know-how".

Forum for Personal Networking & "Chatting" Connect with experts in your field and serve as a mentor to others. imPowr collaboration tools facilitate connectivity.

Community Event Updates Share information about upcoming educational, fundraising, and networking events.

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