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imPowr for Government Agencies


for Government Agencies
Local, State, and Federal

Our imPowr software platform is a comprehensive data solution designed for the entire health ecosystem.


Local, state, and federal human service agencies are some of the largest and impactful providers of social services in the ecosystem who partner with CBOs that are traditionally outside of the ecosystem.

Community-based partners currently "outside" the system can deliver more impactful and coordinated services if connected.


imPowr connects your agency with community-based organizations to overcome your challenges with managing unmet SDoH needs, data insights, and ROI.

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Health Equities Solution

Everyone wants to address SDoH, but no one knows how..

          We do.

CBOs are SDoH specialists. They have deep connections and are experts on the communities they serve. By providing them a standard framework to collect and store data on their clients, we are able to connect them to the larger care delivery ecosystem and share standardized data to the benefit of all.

Data Integrity at the Highest Order

Data duplication and fragmentation can result in low-quality and incorrect data.


Ensure that your organization always has clean and high-quality data with our data cleanup tools and quality reports.


Our cloud-based enterprise database keeps all of an organization’s data in one place so that you have a single source of truth.

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