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Entrepreneurial Business Services

for Entrepreneurial Business Services

In addition to traditional programs and services, some human service agencies also support people with intellectual or developmental disabilities through Community Pre-Vocational services which are also businesses which serve the community. There are many examples, including catering businesses, landscaping, café and print shops, packaging and assembly, laundry, embroidery, and cleaning.


imPowr has the tools that can help you manage those educational and experiential small businesses.

Business and Customer Lists imPowr's entrepreneurial tools allow you to set up databases of business units and customers. Relationship history, contracts, and notes can all be uploaded or entered to give you fingertip access to the fundamentals of your businesses.

Products, Services and Customer Orders Products and services can be defined along with attributes related to cost and lead times and delivery requirements. These products tie to orders, order fulfillment, invoicing and inventory. Orders have a fulfillment life cycle and can be scheduled, tracked, and fulfilled - with notifications and alerts when needed.

Mailing Lists and Marketing imPowr's built in mailing list tools, marketing campaigns, and organization and individual person databases can all be leveraged to support your entrepreneurial activities.

Product & Supply Inventory As products are sold and supplies are restocked, basic inventory levels can be tracked in imPowr's simple inventory module.

Order Delivery & Pickup Tools For point of delivery or pickup, an imPowr order portal can be used to assist delivery teams and pickup crews perform and track daily tasks.

Invoice Generation Depending on the business, invoicing may be tied to delivery of a product or service, or pickup of something. imPowr supports multiple invoicing models to handle different types of billable events.

Reporting and Dashboards All imPowr data is accessible for dashboards and reporting, so you can report results to management, to the Board portal, or to customers or partners using various configurations of portals and screens.

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One of our customers, The Arc Wayne, offers job opportunities for their clients while also contributing to the well-being of their community. They are currently using our entrepreneurial tools to help them manage their day-to-day operations.

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