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imPowr for Health and Human Services


for health and human services organizations.

Our imPowr software platform is a comprehensive data solution designed specifically for nonprofit human services organizations. imPowr can provide your organization with financial growth, improved efficiencies, and risk mitigation so that you can focus on advancing your mission and serving the community with excellence.

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360° Case Management

Identify specific client needs with our assessment tools and collect essential data to provide strategic-driven information so that your organization can expand key programs with the most impact.


Having a holistic view of clients removes duplicated efforts and fragmented client insights, giving opportunities to provide optimal service through outcomes collection. 


  • Enrollment certification

  • 360° view of those you serve

  • Integrates with existing agency systems

  • Treatment and care plans

  • Assessment and outcome reporting

  • Individual and family service coordination

Growing Revenue Streams

The world is increasingly becoming more technology driven. With imPowr, your organization can shift from a mode of survival to one of expansion.


Increase your portfolio of community services, grow alternative revenue streams through entrepreneurial services, and positively impact more lives with the imPowr platform.

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Grant Funding with a Competitive Advantage

Data-driven evidence is critical to being successful in today’s grant funding environment. imPowr gives organizations a competitive advantage when it comes to securing grants, but also deploying and managing your awarded grants.

Take Philanthropy to the Next Level

In this day of compromised revenue, it is crucial to seek and be successful in philanthropic revenue streams. Maintain and further expand philanthropic funding opportunities from donors by providing them with success stories backed by data to clearly show the impact of their donor investment.

Secure and Develop Your Workforce

Provide staff with our next generation of tools that yield greater satisfaction and success in functional roles, as well as compelling career development opportunities that include gaining expertise in data, technology, and innovation.