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Immigrant and Refugee Services

imPowr Immigrant and Refugee Services

Coordination of these immigration and refugee services require a structured and systematic process. imPowr supports nonprofit immigrant and refugee programs with tools, workflows, and documentation.

Citizenship Education imPowr can help your agency manage the complexities and interdependencies of helping immigrant and refugee families navigate the legal, cultural, employment, education, and health system as they learn to be productive and self-sufficient citizens. Among the services where imPowr can help are:

  • Manage naturalization process education with imPowr's built-in learning management system

  • Support English-as-a-second-language and cultural adjustment education with imPowr's partnering tools (partner with cultural agencies) and course management tools

  • Coordinate resettlement coaching and mentoring with imPowr's PEER engagement module and comprehensive PER background checks and PEER matching capability.

Immigrant Helpline Implement an immigrant and refugee support helpline using imPowr's new Helpline functionality. Track engagement, assign case managers and coordinate a workforce of volunteers who can share expertise and experience with new arrivals facing new-to-them challenges.

Immigrant Legal Services Use imPowr to connect immigrants and refugees with legal advisors. Store immigration and citizenship paperwork in the imPowr client profile and set up tasks as reminders of key naturalization process events and deadlines.

Employment Readiness Services Build imPowr employment workflows and use them to help map out and implement a path to employment and self-sufficiency for new arrivals, incorporating case management, resume writing assistance, and mock interviewing to help prepare the immigrant for employment.

Temporary & Emergency Housing Use imPowr facility management tools to track occupancy and availability of housing, perform inspections, and coordinate move-in and move-out.

Grants & Contracts Use imPowr to track employer partnership contracts and apply for grants using evidence-based data collected from imPowr workflows.

Donors & Development Leverage imPowr's built-in data analysis, donor management and community event tools to tell your immigrant & refugee resettlement story with data, and capture new funding to support those initiatives.


Sample Client & Family Portal

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