imPowr Community Exchange


Organizations who serve people in our Upstate NY (and beyond) communities need help during this crisis. Businesses and individuals want to respond to that need. 


The imPowr Community Exchange portal provides a place for all social services agencies and other local businesses (both non-profit and for-profit) to explain the help they need, and update this information as their needs change. Links to organization websites are included to make it easier for volunteers and donors to make contributions. In addition, businesses and individuals who want to help can post their free offerings of services and/or supplies. Then, those seeking aid and those offering aid can contact each other directly to fulfill these community needs. 


There is no cost associated with these services. It is our way to collaboratively help organizations manage the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic through shared technology. imPowr Community Exchange enables us all to take purposeful action during this extended time of uncertainty, making our communities stronger -together.

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