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Working from Home

imPowr University

Improving the imPowr experience one class at a time.

imPowr University was designed to provide imPowr users with the resources they need to become a superuser. imPowr University includes track-based courses, videos, and articles to help them fully utilize the imPowr platform, as well as develop external skills.


Users also have access to a knowledge base for any questions they may have, as well as a forum to connect with other imPowr users.

Interested in learning more about the imPowr platform and the user benefits? Schedule a demo today.


imPowr University covers a variety of topics specifically designed for your job function and needs.

Board Management

Learn how to effectively manage your board portal with a series of imPowr tools.


Learn how to manage facilities, work orders, and tasks.


Learn best practices for managing concerns, complaints, and incidents.

Account Management

Learn how to set up and manage user accounts, and methods for keeping clean data.


Learn how to track and manage quarantines and vaccinations.

Physical Resources

Learn how to manage physical resources such as technology, supplies, vehicles, and more.

Ready to become an imPowr user?

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