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One of the primary challenges faced by nonprofits in this endeavor is the adoption of a system that supports their distinctive processes and structures. While several systems are available, many are designed for healthcare and may not seamlessly fit these unique requirements. Overcoming this challenge necessitates an investment in a user-friendly system that streamlines service documentation and facilitates the generation of accurate billing codes. 

The Most Common Obstacle

The pivotal step lies in choosing the right software, ensuring it aligns with the nuanced needs of nonprofits. For organizations serving Medicaid-covered individuals, the current moment is opportune for exploring efficient reimbursement processes that streamline and enhance the reimbursement for invaluable social service work.

When supported by effective, streamlined software, this new waiver extends to nonprofits a golden opportunity to thrive through Medicaid funding. Strategic planning, coupled with an investment in tailored systems, and an unwavering commitment to transparent documentation, are essential elements for success. It is only by navigating this landscape adeptly that well-intentioned organizations can position themselves not just for funding, but also as catalysts in the transformative journey towards improved social health for all Americans.

IMPOWR: Powering Networks with Precision.

From facilitating partnerships between three health systems and health plans to orchestrating county-wide recovery initiatives with over 20 organizations, we specialize in tailoring technology infrastructure to suit networks of all sizes and types.

Supportive Technology is Essential

Seizing Transformative Opportunities: The 1115 Waiver Can Maximize Medicaid Funding for NYS Nonprofits

In light of the federal government's recent initiative to allocate funds for social health-related services, a significant and transformative opportunity has emerged for nonprofits. This is exemplified by the acceptance of New York's recent Medicaid proposal.


For nonprofits dedicated to enhancing social well-being, this new development presents a unique chance to access substantial funding, with nearly half of the $7.5 billion budget earmarked for social services.


This paradigm shift enables organizations to provide crucial services such as social health screenings, case management, housing, transportation, and nutrition, all covered by Medicaid. To fully harness this potential, it is imperative to align nonprofit services with Medicaid criteria through meticulous documentation and precise billing practices.

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