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Committed to superior solutions for you and those you serve.

Our Story

Continual Care Solutions is an Upstate New York software company that is specifically focused on providing solutions and resources to organizations that serve the at-risk and vulnerable.​


Our Mission

To give community-based organizations the tools to efficiently and cost-effectively help the individuals and families they serve to lead their healthiest lives.


Empathy. We strive to put ourselves in your shoes and those who count on you for your service. Understanding you and your needs is the only way we can provide products that truly enable you to do your best work.

Integrity. We always honor our commitments, and we will never compromise our ethics. That’s just one of the reasons you can feel good about choosing us.

Relationships. We value our partnerships. To us, a customer is a conduit through which we can support our community. Your business allows us to help serve the most vulnerable and disadvantaged among us.

Excellence. We believe excellence is in the details, which is why we strive to be as accessible and responsive as possible. Your questions and feedback ensure that we are always giving you the best viable product. 

Innovation. We are thoughtful; we are creative; we are willing to be bold. We are committed to providing innovative solutions for organizations which will empower them to achieve their mission.

Our Values

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