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"Our organization has seen many positive results. For instance, once the software was implemented, we realized that the number of people we touched was a lot larger than we had assumed. It allowed us to better track the many services we provide that previously went unreported and uncounted. The database has already paid dividends by capturing demographics and information that we will be able to use in future fundraising endeavors.


Continual Care Solutions has allowed us to focus on the data that is important for the services we deliver, giving us a better understanding of the quality and true costs of those services. The process with Continual Care Solutions has been one of true collaboration and the team explains things in such a manner that a laymen like myself can understand and utilize the software." 

David Calhoun

Executive Director at The Arc Wayne

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for Networks

imPowr allows like-minded organizations with similar missions and values to seamlessly connect with one another through the comprehensive sharing of data and information.

Networks often face challenges receiving, compiling, and utilizing data submissions from affiliates. Inconsistencies and fragmentation result in greater challenges identifying and executing best practices and rate negotiation preparation.


Share Data & Metrics

With imPowr, organizations can communicate data and metrics with others in their network. imPowr allows fingertip access of dashboards and reports, making them easy to generate and distribute.


Colleagues Working in Office
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Collaborate Grant Submissions

imPowr gives organizations within the same network the ability to easily collaborate grant submissions to increase competitive advantage. 


Streamline Communication

With imPowr, amplify your impact through a collaborative effort at the agency level and the network level. Directly connect with other organizations in your network that are using imPowr and communicate through portals with those who aren't yet.

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