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Mike Kamish

Mike founded Bio-Optronics in 1985, developing automated systems for manufacturing and eventually healthcare. Organizing workflow efficiently has been the mantra in Mike’s career. Now he is bringing this innovation to the health and human services non-profit world by developing a cohesive software solution designed exclusively for them.

Mike Kamish Continual Care Solutions
Sean Ossont Continual Care Solutions
Sean Ossont

Sean is a recognized healthcare leader with experience in business management consulting, managed care, and academic medicine. Sean worked as the Associate Vice President of Strategic Planning at the University of Rochester Medical Center before founding Foresight Solutions in 2017.

Jan Kamish
VP of Administration

Since 1985, Jan has worked with Mike as a team, focusing on the administrative side of the business, with an emphasis on human resources and also customer experience. Jan hopes to bring this type of software to every health and human services nonprofit who wants to prove their outcomes are successful.

Jan Kamish Continual Care Solutions