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Continual Care Solutions and Strategic Interests Announce Digital Transformation Partnership

Continual Care Solutions and Strategic Interests announce a partnership to bring digital transformation to human and social services organizations.

imPowr by Continual Care Solutions, a software platform thoughtfully designed for human and social services organizations, and Strategic Interests, a healthcare IT consulting firm with a proven record of leading change, are announcing a partnership to bring Digital Transformation to human and social services organizations. This will help improve sustainability and resilience in 2021 and beyond.

Leveraging the comprehensive imPowr platform with Strategic Interests’ experience and expertise in successful digital planning, implementation and optimization, the partnership allows community based organizations and others to quickly adopt best practices, gain insights and make better decisions.

Often, the purchase of a software platform is only part of the complete solution needed for organizations to gain the full value of this effort. In order to be able to capture, manage and optimize data to drive better performance and increase revenue opportunities, an organization needs a digital strategy, an implementation plan, well-designed reports and dashboards and support to make it all “stick”. This deliberate approach helps organizations avoid costly mistakes, reduces delays and provides a sound basis for participation in valuable contracts and collaborations.

We are excited to be collaborating with Strategic Interests since their innovative thinking and understanding of customer needs will complement the mission behind our imPowr platform. They are trusted leaders in the industry and together we will be able to serve more human services organizations with excellence.

- Sean Ossont, President, Continual Care Solutions

“The partnership between SI and imPowr will bring customers a highly coordinated process to plan, deploy, and apply best in class solutions to improve their performance based on their unique needs, objectives, and an understanding of how the organization functions.”

- Al Kinel, President, Strategic Interests

This partnership brings not only a best in class platform but the strategy and support to quickly realize meaningful and measurable benefits.

About imPowr

imPowr by Continual Care Solutions is a comprehensive software solution designed specifically for non-profit human services organizations, bringing together data into a single integrated database. The imPowr solution provides organizations with financial growth, improved efficiencies, and risk mitigation so that they can focus on advancing their mission and serving the community with excellence.

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About Strategic Interests

Strategic Interests, (SI), is a Global HIT consulting firm with a personal touch. Our trusted transformation consultants focus on our clients’ best strategic interests and success. Vision, innovative thinking and collaborative relationships drive the SI philosophy. SI consultants have expertise, capabilities and deep networks that can be deployed in flexible, blended teams to help reduce costs and target client needs.

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