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Non-Profit Technology Trend Predictions for 2021

The year 2020 has been highly unpredictable, mostly due to the emergence of the COVID-19 virus. Businesses of all sizes were greatly affected, and non-profits were no exception. Despite the challenges presented, non-profits were able to adapt to their new environment by using technology like never before. Last year, technology stopped being a choice and instead became a necessity for non-profits.

With the pandemic likely continuing late into 2021, so will a reliance on technology. In fact, the technological advancements made in the last year will most likely exceed the lifespan of the pandemic. This new technology, which was at first a source of struggle and inconvenience, has developed into a part of daily operations that will last well into 2021 and beyond. Our predictions are that the three technology trends below will continue to thrive in this new year.

1. Virtual events

At the beginning of 2020, non-profit organizations struggled to decide if they should cancel their live events that were months out. However, as the pandemic continued with no sign of subsiding, organizations began embracing virtual events for the remainder of 2020 and into 2021. Being forced into hosting events online showed that it has its benefits. For instance, they are easily accessible and without geographic constraints.

Virtual events will remain as social distancing continues but the advantage of them being simpler to attend will keep them prevalent in 2021 and after. Some ideas for events to hold virtually could be an auction, walk or run, webinar, or multi-day conference.

2. Online training

Any in-person training for nonprofit platforms was replaced with online training and learning amid the pandemic. At Continual Care Solutions, we’ve created a knowledge base for users who need quick answers to any questions they may have while using our imPowr software.

We will also be releasing imPowr University, a service for imPowr users where they can sign up for online courses and access videos to help them utilize all of the platform’s benefits. This style of training will be more efficient for the user while also still providing a personalized experience that went with in-person training.

3. Data storytelling

The third prediction is that the need for data in storytelling will continue to increase. Success stories backed by data can show donors the impact of their investment which can help lead to continued funding. Organizations can also reinforce their grant proposals with data-based evidence, which can provide a competitive advantage. That’s why having a software platform that can provide comprehensive dashboards and analytics is essential in 2021.

Check out our blog post Increase Funding for Your Nonprofit with the Power of Data to learn more about how and why to embrace the benefits of data storytelling.

Stay up to date with the latest technology trends by getting started with imPowr, a value optimization system designed to help transform nonprofit organizations.

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