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The Need for imPowr University

"What can we do to better serve our customers during these difficult times of dealing with the pandemic?" was the question posed to the Continual Care Solutions team by our CEO Mike Kamish during a team huddle. From this challenge emerged imPowr University.

Mike’s question made me consider a quote from Brad Henderson, Senior Partnerships Officer at UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, that states: "Disruption is driving new connections, innovation and unforeseen opportunities."

imPowr University was designed with both current and future customers in mind. Before COVID-19, we would schedule a training session with our customers, gather in a conference room at their agency, walk a group of them through the step-by-step process of implementation, and answer questions that would come up. That interaction is a crucial component missing from the current situation we all find ourselves dealing with today, so we looked to recreate that in a creative, innovative way. imPowr University offers classes on a variety of topics, designed specifically for our customers' job functions and needs.

The Continual Care Solutions team and external partners have come together as instructors to provide imPowr users with the resources and tools they need at any level, whether they are beginners or superusers. imPowr University includes track-based courses, videos, and articles to utilize the imPowr platform and fully develop external skills. Classes include, but are not limited to, board management, which allows our customers to learn how to manage and communicate with board members through a board portal. Wellness tracking teaches how to track and manage quarantines and vaccinations with a series of tools. Or compliance, where customers learn best practices for managing concerns, complaints, and incidents. With imPowr University, users also have access to a knowledge base for any questions they may have, as well as a forum to connect with other imPowr users. It has brought us great satisfaction watching our customers interact with each other and connect on a level they normally would not have gotten to.

Henderson goes on to say, "reflecting and then acting on what is emerging could diminish some of impacts of COVID on our communities and improve societal outcomes". We could not agree more and that is why we moved quickly to provide a way for our users to grow in the knowledge of using the imPowr platform allowing them to prove their impact through the work they do every day.

Although our classes and instructors change and vary, one thing remains the same. We are committed to providing superior solutions for our customers and those they serve.

To learn more about imPowr University, click here.

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