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The Origin Story of Continual Care Solutions

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

My husband Mike and I started Continual Care Solutions for one reason: we wanted to make a positive difference to the health and human service organizations who serve people with disabilities as well as other under-served populations. Then we met Sean and JoAnne, (who both had extensive health and human service backgrounds) who helped shape our software platform to sharpen our focus on these vulnerable populations.

My sister Deb has a developmental disability, and since I was young, I have wanted to find ways to make life better for her and others who are in similar situations. After reading reports on the status of Deb’s condition throughout the years as she moved through various group homes and community organizations, I realized I was not satisfied with the vague information that was made available to me.

I had several questions that were simply not being addressed in the data that was collected.

Was Deb’s health improving or declining?  

What were the new insights on her condition?  

What advances were being made in the disability care field?

What were the long-term projections for Deb’s life?

What did Deb’s behavior look like on a day-to-day basis?

This is where Continual Care Solutions comes in.

We figured that if the non-profit organization such as the one serving Deb had a more organized way of tracking workflow for their clients, they would then be better positioned to collect more detailed and quantifiable data, ultimately demonstrating the impact of their services, which would lead to significant gains in funding. With more funding, the non-profits could be scaled up and benefit both individuals and their communities on a larger level. 

Today, almost all human service organization funders are asking for proof of impact and they want this data succinctly presented by way of specific, numeric outcomes. Grant-funders and other contributors want to see quantified rather than anecdotal evidence that non-profits are moving the needle for the populations they serve. After all, furthering the ability of under-served individuals to receive resources that can improve the quality of their life is the main reason many non-profit organizations exist.

When non-profits are valued and expanded, the whole community benefits.  When impact is proven analytically, funds flow to the non-profits. The converse is also true. Our community, and many others, have great needs that are evolving every day. For this reason, we have started local, right here in the Upstate New York community, with plans to further expand the services we offer nationwide.

We strongly believe that so much good will come out of this project and it is this philosophy that motivates us to keep working day after day, despite the difficult challenges so many of our client organizations face.

When we hear, “you have made our work so much easier,” every hour we have put into this effort is immediately worth it.

Another way to really affect change in the circumstances of disadvantaged communities is by pairing up our software platform with managed care organizations and non-profit organizations. This gives them both a data backed view into the problems of the community. Since the social determinants of health are 80% of healthcare, it is to the managed care organization’s advantage to play a role today in mitigating social circumstances.

Let us customize our software to meet your organization’s needs. We know how much good you’re doing--now let us help you show it to the world.

To learn about everything our software can do, visit here!

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