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Residential and Housing Services

for Residential and Housing Services

Having a system like imPowr makes managing supportive housing programs a lot more manageable. Supportive housing programs serve individuals in recovery from mental illness and substance use disorder, including veterans and individuals who are homeless. These programs offer customized services based on individual need and often include: evaluation and treatment; family education and support; coordination with other services providers; and case management.

Coordinating multiple services and creating a home environment for a challenging and transient population is a big responsibility and a huge challenge. imPowr can make that challenge a lot easier to manage.

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Whole Person Case Management

The imPowr electronic social record tracks all aspects of a person: medical, social, employment, judicial, and family relationships. It can be used to identify resources, generate referrals, and receive referrals from others.

Continuity of Care

imPowr creates a full historical, longitudinal, record for the client, streamlining handoffs, reducing service duplication, and providing insight into patterns of behavior that impact success.

Compliance & Safety

With a challenging client population, safety and compliance is a key to success. imPowr's incident management, complaint and concern modules, and inspection and auditing tools work together to create a safe, secure, and compliant environment.

Service & Treatment Flexibility 

Any residential program must be able to respond to unique and widely varying resident employment, religious, cultural and educational needs. imPowr provides a highly flexible approach to service delivery and tracking.

Self-Sufficiency Education

Education is an important component of recovery and reengagement with the community and ultimately self-sufficiency. imPowr's built-in learning management capability and assessment tools allow you to deliver educational content and track progress against goals.

Facility Management

Provided facilities must be maintained to local and state codes and inspected regularly. imPowr has built in facility management tools including facility databases, work-order management and a comprehensive facility inspection capability.

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imPowr™ Residential Home Support Tools

imPowr can fill in the gaps of residential home management that are either not covered at all, or not covered well, by your residence home management system. 

  • Resident personal possession inventory

  • Resident banking and financial management

  • Family reporting of finances

  • Quality of life assessments

  • Annual quality surveys

Learn more about what the imPowr platform can do for you.

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