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Wellness Management

for Wellness Management

Streamline the process to meet compliance requirements associated with COVID-19 safety regulations.

  • Set up within 24 hours

  • Encrypted and secure online platform

  • Access from desktop computer or mobile

  • Quick and easy data entry

  • Detailed reporting and dashboards

  • Exports and automated alerts

Wellness tracker 2.png

Daily Wellness Tracking  imPowr's configurable wellness checks and automated alerts make tracking staff wellness easy and reliable.

Missing Scan Alerts & Reporting A unique missing scan reporting mechanism, enables supervisors to be alerted whenever reports are missing scans, or clients are missing scheduled engagements.

Visitor Wellness imPowr visitor management not only tracks the who, what, when, and where - but now the wellness too. Questions are fully configurable.

Quarantine Tracking The imPowr quarantine tracker keeps track of staff and clients that have been sick, been exposed or are otherwise being isolated. Special scheduling rules help agencies keep track of COVID related sick days and time out.

Vaccination Records As vaccines continue to roll out, agencies can keep track of which staff or clients had the vaccine, what types, what kind of side-effects and when due for boosters or a second shot.

"Continual Care Solutions was essential to getting our school open safely for all students and staff... The program is user friendly and it is an efficient way to collect data... Without Continual Care Solutions, reopening person-to-person instruction would have been extremely difficult ..."

Keith Miller

Assistant Principal and Covid-19 Compliance Officer at Bishop Kearney

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