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Ibero American Action League, a non-profit organization based in Rochester, New York, has been dedicated to serving the Latino community for nearly 60 years, offering a spectrum of services and collaborating with various organizations, including public schools. Despite its laudable efforts, Ibero faced challenges in quantifying the impact of its Youth Services Programs due to limited data capture and reliance on anecdotal evidence.


Case Study: Visibility Into the Incredible Work at Ibero

Tracking services and client outcomes proved arduous, with case managers spending significant time on reporting tasks without real-time accessibility to information. Additionally, data silos hindered the organization's ability to gauge its reach comprehensively.


Implementing IMPOWR, a comprehensive data management system, across its programs, Ibero revolutionized its approach. IMPOWR enabled real-time documentation of services and outcome measurement, while also facilitating the collection of customer satisfaction surveys. Through IMPOWR, seven schools were equipped with online portals for streamlined access to program information and student referrals.


The adoption of IMPOWR yielded transformative results for Ibero:

  • Real-time data generation provided insights into service delivery and outcomes, enhancing decision-making processes.

  • Elimination of siloed reporting tasks freed up case managers to focus more on direct client engagement.

  • School administrators gained transparent access to data, fostering stronger partnerships and facilitating efficient referrals.

  • Increased referrals from schools showcased the program's effectiveness and relevance within the community.

  • Families are using IMPOWR to self-refer to Ibero and are completing satisfaction surveys via IMPOWR indicating they now feel supported by the program and how important it is to be connected within the Family Service Assistance (FSA) program.

Outcome / Impact

Looking ahead, Ibero plans to further leverage data-driven insights through IMPOWR, which enables their ability in:

  • Strengthening partnerships with community stakeholders to enhance data sharing and improve outcomes collaboratively.

  • Implementing bi-directional data capture mechanisms to reduce wait times for families accessing services.

  • Empowering families through a client portal to actively engage with and track the services received.

  • Partnering with researchers directly within IMPOWR to delve deeper into outcomes and cement its status as a data-driven organization.

Through the integration of IMPOWR, Ibero not only streamlined its operations but also positioned itself as a pioneering force in data-driven community service delivery, ultimately enhancing the lives of Latino families in Rochester.


Learn more about IMPOWR.


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